Von Stache – Von Stache [EP Review and Premier]

Von Stache - Von StacheYou remember in the 90s when a herd of pop punk bands influenced by the likes of The Descendents were starting to gain traction and were pretty good, but then rapidly turned to dog shite alongside the mainstream success? Von Stache are like that peak in the genre, and with their third release, still not showing any signs of becoming said mainstream dog shite. Who said punk was dead?

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Qoheleth – Black Kite Broadcasts [Album Review And Full Stream]

Qoheleth - Black Kite BroadcastsIt is safe to say, we remain fond of Qoheleth’s debut effort, as they successfully ran away with a true noise rock sound and had fun with their selection of abstract pieces. This time around, they have channelled their creativity into one hell of a concept album. This is Black Kite Broadcasts.

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Inspired The Bee – Sun [Single Review]

This review was fuelled by intrigue. I was sent a tweet with nothing more than a link to this music video. I checked it out, the lovely human being that I am, and loved what I heard, so immediately gave it a re-tweet. Unfortunately, not being sent it as a proper request it slipped my mind, but here we are now. I couldn’t not share the love on this one.

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