Tabatha Crash – Tabatha Crash [EP Review]

Tabatha CrashEvery so often I only crave louder and filthier music, and then a band will come along utilising big structures in such a way that the heavy use of distortion isn’t missed in the slightest. Enter Tabatha Crash.

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Powerpissed – PWRPSSD [Album Review]

PowerpissedI’d say about a third of the bands that land in my inbox have their names capitalised. I’m not sure if it is a genuine thing that most bands these days particularly spell their name in all caps, or if it is just a common choice in the way they type it for attention. Either way, this is another one of them, and to be honest, the name Powerpissed doesn’t need capitalising.

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The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Worst Four Year [Album Review]

Good the Bad and the ZuglyIt is no secret, I favour any requests for reviews from smaller independent artists over the PR company mass mail outs that I receive. Well of all of the ones that I have glanced over, The Good The Bad And The Zugly are one of the bands that stood out the most. Not just because of the outlandish name, but being described as “Norway’s best kept punk rock secret” had me intrigued.

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