Queasy – Fed To The Wolves [Single Review]

Queasy - Fed To The WolvesListening to this track, I completely forgot I was listening to a British band. Take that as you will.

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SIDCA – Jizz Crate [Album Review]

SIDCA - Jizz CrateThis was initially just going to be me telling you why you should go and pre-order this tape based on the pleasure of hearing the preview track, but I have now been very fortunate enough to listen to the entire thing (including the tracks exclusive to the physical cassette release). And now you have to believe me when I tell you to bust out a couple of quid on this beast.

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Jonny Shitbag And The Smokes – You Could Not Have Given The Slightest Of Fucks [Album Review]

Jonny Shitbag and The Smokes - You Could Not Have Given The Slightest Of FucksAnyone who pays the vaguest of attention to this site will know that we have very recently reviewed a single from these fellows, and if you actually read that then you may remember that I was intrigued as to how the full album ended up sounding. If all of this is news to you, check out Distract Me and come back to us (partly because it isn’t on the album and also because I’m probably going to refer to that review way too much because I haven’t slept and my mental capacity is focussed on keeping me awake right now).

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