PABST/AUTISTI 7″ Split [Single Review]

03_CSR005_1250x1250_Front_StickerI have always liked split releases. Although it sometimes feels a bit weird buying half a record for a band you love and getting another half for one you have never cared for, you get instances where you can be weaned onto a new band via the select track(s). This PABST/AUTISTI split could easily be that for fans of either band.

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Fizzy Blood – Pawn [Single Review]

Fizzy Blood - PawnSo, I get sent a lot of music these days, and over the last few months I have written about a lot of releases. The majority of what I’ve listened to has been fantastic, but not a whole lot have felt like something that I would go back to after reviewing. Fizzy Blood, however, have created something that really does keep drawing me back in for another spin.

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